1. Suvarna Vruddhi Masika Yojane – Plan J (Fixed instalment) and Suvarna Vrusthi Masika Yojane. – Plan H (Flexible instalment) are the two Jewellery Purchase Plans offered by R H Radhakrishna Gupta Jewellers, Davangere (“RHR”) facilitates Customers to purchase jewellery by making payments for the same over a 15 months period and the Customers will be entitled to avail certain discounts subject to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Under these Plans, the Customer has to pay 15 (Fifteen) fixed/flexible monthly instalments of a minimum of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees One Thousand) or above (in multiples of one thousand). During the course of the 15 (Fifteen) months, the Customer has to pay one instalment every month. More than one instalment in a single month will be accepted.

3. The monthly advance against purchase of jewellery must be equal/flexible and paid continuously for 15 months. The advance payments cannot be extended beyond 15 months and is not transferable under any circumstances.

4. The maturity date shall be strictly calculated according to the first instalment payment date made by the customer.

5. Customer will have to make the payment of the instalment on the Due Date. For the purpose of this Plan, the Due Date shall be same date as the Enrolment Date for the subsequent months. However, the Customer shall be provided with a grace period of 5 (Five) days in a month for payment of the instalment. In the event the Customer fails to pay the instalment within the grace period, the proportionate discount as offered herein shall be reduced.

6. These Plans will mature after 15 months (Fifteen) from the Enrolment Date and the Customers will be eligible to redeem by purchase of jewellery from our RHR stores. For the purpose of this Plan, the date of payment of first instalment shall be deemed as the Enrolment Date.

7. The Customer is mandatorily required to redeem his/her account before the completion of 18 months from the Enrolment Date.

8. The Customers would be eligible for a discount of one month’s instalment for Plan-J and 10% p.a. rate of interest for Plan-H upon redemption, after the completion of 15 months instalment from the Enrolment Date subject to the Customers having made the payment of all 15 monthly instalments.

9. In the event of loss of the order advance receipt card, the customer has to intimate the concerned person in RHR stores immediately, in writing or email to rhrguptadvg@gmail.com, so as to enable us to block the card. In case of any delay or non-intimation, he/she shall be personally responsible for any loss or redemption /purchase by any other person.

10. In the event of loss of the original order advance receipt card, a duplicate order advance receipt card can be issued only if the account holder provides a valid photo identity and address proof, for authentication by the RHR Store. If we are satisfied about the authenticity of the request for duplicate order advance receipt card and only if the account holder produces the customer order form or SMS receipts in their registered mobile.

11. At the time of purchase of jewellery upon maturity of plans, the customer has to personally come with his/her original order advance receipt card and order form and affect the redemption of the instalments paid towards purchase of jewellery.

12. The Customer will have to purchase the jewellery for the total instalment amount paid and partial purchase is not allowed. Account has to be fully redeemed against the purchase of jewellery and no credit note or refund in any manner either in full or partial is permitted.

13. The customer has to give OTP for closing their plan, which they will receive to their mobile number given at the time of enrolment, irrespective of whether the plan was started in offline mode or online mode.

14. On completion of 15 months from the date of enrolment, the customer will be eligible to purchase the selected 22KT (916) Gold Jewellery. In addition to the gold and stone charges, all jewellery purchased under this plan will be subject to making charges, wastage charges, material charges, Goods and Services Tax, or any other surcharges, levies as may be applicable/ prevailing at the time of purchase.

15. Customer will have to bring the customer order advance receipt card every month while paying the advance amount, and should be surrendered at the time of purchase of jewellery.

16. The Customer will have the option to pre-close the Plan only if the Customer has paid a minimum of 3 monthly instalments and after completion of 3 months from the Enrolment Date. In the event of such pre-closure, customer may purchase jewellery at our RHR Stores equal to the value of the instalments accumulated in his/her account as on that day. However, in the event the Customer has not paid the requisite minimum 3 monthly instalments, the Customer will not be eligible for any discount on jewellery purchase.

17. If a customer redeems before the completion of 15 months but after the completion of 3 months, the Customer will be eligible for a 6% p.a. rate of interest on instalments based on the number of days, and subject to the Customers having made the payment of all monthly instalments.

18. Customer will be eligible for such prorated discount calculated based on the instalment, the number of days and the number of monthly instalments paid.
19. If Customer decides to discontinue within 3 months of enrolment, he/she will not be eligible for any benefits.

20. In case the Customer does not redeem within 18 months, he/she will be refunded with the aggregate instalment amount paid until the date of the refund. The Customer will not get any benefits/discounts/interest for the instalment amounts paid, from the RHR.

21. Refunds under the Plan, if any, will be made by way of cheque in the name of the account holder as specified at the time of enrolment or by online transfer to the bank account, and no cash refund shall be permissible.

22. Gold rate booked or charged on the invoice may vary city wise depending on the corporate gold rate. The rate of gold shall be based on the RHR’s rate of gold prevailing on the date of purchase.

23. Only individuals can enrol in to the Plan and enrolment is not permissible for other entities like companies, partnership firms or proprietorship concerns or Trusts or Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or NRI Customers. Minors cannot be enrolled in this plan.

24. Enrolment may be through offline mode, i.e., at the RHR stores, or online by registering on the RHR mobile App.

25. The Customer is required to provide a copy of his/her photo identity and address proof documents like Aadhar Card/Passport/Ration Card at the time of enrolment.

26. In case of any change in contact details, address details or any other details that the Customer may have furnished, the Customer shall immediately contact stores for affecting the changes.

27. The Customer should mention their names as per the identity proof, at the time of enrolment whether in offline mode or online mode, and not in any other form of name, including nickname or short forms.

28. RHR reserves right to verify the identity of the Customer by means of SMS and/or OTP generation or by any other means at any time including at the time of enrolment and at the time of concluding the purchase and taking the delivery of the jewellery. RHR also reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the documents provided by the Customer.

29. Payment of monthly instalment(s) should be made on or before due date by UPI, BHIM, Cash, debit card or credit card or Net banking. Outstation cheques will not be accepted and international card for online payment will not be accepted.

30. RHR shall not be responsible for any online payment failure and money being debited from the Customer’s account. Customers are requested to check with their banks or other service providers for such payment failures. It is the responsibility of the account holder to enter details correctly.

31. RHR will not be responsible or liable to send reminders for payments.

32. At the time of purchase of jewellery, the account holder has to personally come and produce a valid photo identity proof and PAN Card, if required under applicable law, and affect the redemption of the instalments paid towards purchase of jewellery.

33. The Customer may appoint a nominee at the time of enrolment upon submission of relevant documentation. In the event of death of the account holder, the amount is transferable by the RHR only to the person whose nomination has been filled by the account holder at the time of opening the account subject to such nominee producing identity and address proof. In case the account holder does not nominate any person, any claim(s) made by any other person(s) on behalf of the account holder will not be entertained unless such person being a legal heir/duly authorised person claiming the benefits under the Plan, shall produce below documents to the RHR:
• Death certificate of the deceased.
• Succession Certificate.
• NOC from other surviving legal heir for redemption.
• Will (if any)
Along with all other supporting documents and clarifications. However, the decision of the RHR shall be final on sufficiency of any document in all such cases above and the same shall be binding upon the claimants.

34. RHR reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the Plan without prior notice to the account holder, as long as the same is not detrimental to the interests of the account holder.

35. RHR is the operator of this Plan and reserves the right to suspend the Plan at any time. In any such event, the account holder may purchase any item at the RHR Store equal to the value of the instalments accumulated in his/her account along with discounts accumulated, as on that day.

36. Disputes if any will be subject to the Courts in Davangere jurisdiction only.

37. In case of any change in existing laws, rules, Acts, etc. by any regulatory authority, RHR reserves the right to make such modifications/change/suspend/discontinue the Plan suitable to the change of law and necessary requirements as per the same have to be complied with by the account holder.

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